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FIESZTA 2015 sponsorship

Answare Ltd. sponsored the second FIESZTA (meeting for young healthcare information technology organizers), that took place 3rd December and was organized by the junior division of John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT)’s Biomedical Section. Attendants of the event got informed about actualities and challenges of the field but also had a chance for networking with relevant companies.

E-heath for the ageing society

Csaba Engi grants management director of Answare Ltd, leader of the IVSZ eHealth workgroup, held a presentation titled E-health in the „silver” market on 30th November at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’. The presentation focused on the different e-health equipment that can promote active ageing but also the further actions needed within the field of e-health.

Family Friendly Workplace 2015 - Saint Nicholas' day surprise

With the help of the „Family Friendly Workplace 2015” subsidy we handed out the annual Saint Nicholas' day packages to the children of our colleagues.

EA implementation project presentation at AEA Hungarian Chapter

Zsolt Bringye, representative of Answare Ltd. and Ferenc Mezőhegyi of Hungarian Roads Management Company gave a joint presentation at the AEA (Association of Enterprise Architects) Hungarian Chapter’s October club event.Their topic was the Enterprise Architecture introduction/elaboration project that was realized with the help of Answare Ltd. in 2014 at Hungarian Roads Management Company.

Family Friendly Workplace 2015 - Saint Nicholas' day surprise

With the help of the Family Friendly Workplace subsidy that we won earlier this year, we held the annual Work Life Balance training in early October. The theme of the training was created based on the questions and topics suggested by the participants. These included time management, persuation and rejection technologies, and conflict management.

VinAgora Wine Gala 2015

More than 500 Hungarian and foreign wines of the VinAgora Wine Competition were offered for tasting to the guests at the annual VinAgora Wine Gala that took place at the Boscolo Conference Center June 27 2015.

How can innovation help healthcare?

„How can innovation help healthcare?” was the title of the event held for professionals on 17th June, 2015 by the Joint Venture Association (JVSZ) with help of the eHealth workgroup of IVSZ (ICT Association of Hungary). The program focused on break-through points in healthcare, mapping the infrastructure of healthcare, and possibilities for cooperation between organizations, responsible for the topic, and executing companies.

Parliament of the Information Society 2015

Answare Ltd. supported the fifth Parliament of the Information Society conference, that took place 18-19 June, 2015 in the Hungarian Parliament Building.

Bicycle Friendly Workplace 2015

Answare Ltd. was awarded the Bicycle Friendly Workplace title on the Bicycle Friendly Workplace and Town tender invited for the 9th time by the Ministry of National Development and the Hungarian Bicyclist Association (Kerékpáros Magyarország Szövetség).