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Family Friendly Workplace 2015

Answare Ltd. has won the Family Friendly Workplace title and the subsidy that goes with it on the tender released by the Ministry of Human Capacities and the National Institute of Social and Family Policy for “Supporting the development of Family Friendly Workplaces”.

The main goal of the tender is to support hungarian companies’ family friendly approach and help the funding of further developments. From this years 525 entries 47 applicants were awarded the title and the subsidy.

The primary objectives of Answare Ltd.’s current tender were maintenance and development of the family friendly environment we’ve created with the help of earlier subsidies and our own resources. We plan on improving the recreational room we introduced in 2014 from our own resources, but will also provide the popular Work Life Balance training for our employees and of course will continue the tradition of surprising our employee’s children for easter and Saint Nicholas’ day.

The awarding ceremony of the program took place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on May 15th 2015 during the „Civilians for families” conference.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Human Capacities

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And organized by the National Institute of Social and Family Policy

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