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With the help of the subsidy, won with the Family Friendly Workplace 2013 title, we surprised the kids’ of our colleagues for Easter.


Apart from the Easter packages we were able to organize the sequel of last year’s Work Life Balance training. As we previously mentioned it here, during the two-days program the m1 channel shot a short report at Answare Ltd. regarding our family friendly activites which was featured on the News.

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This year’s focus was on harmonizing different life roles, becoming more conscious, improving the effectiveness of work but there was also a great emphasis put on relaxing and resting techniques that are essential in stress management.

With the aid of the Family Friendly Workplace program we could continue the development of our recreational room, which is really popular among our colleagues and their children. We bought a custom made logo-printed bean bag chair, a couple of sport games for our educational/playing device and of course we celebrated Saint Nicholas’ Day by handling out small gift packages to our colleagues’ children.

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The program is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources

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And organized by the National Institute of Social and Family Policies

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