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Family Friendly Workplace 2015

Answare Ltd. has won the Family Friendly Workplace title and the subsidy that goes with it on the tender released by the Ministry of Human Capacities and the National Institute of Social and Family Policy for “Supporting the development of Family Friendly Workplaces”.

INFOPROG 2015 competition and Girls in ICT conference sponsorship

Answare Ltd. supported the 20th annual INFOPROG IT competition that took place 23-25th april, at Salgótarján.

Answare Ltd. takes part in the „Adopt a school” program initiated by IVSZ (ICT Association of Hungary). IT companies taking part in the program choose a school which they sponsor with IT equipment or even their professional knowledge.

The first meeting for young healthcare information technology organizers, called FIESZTA was held 3rd December 2014 with the sponsorship of Answare Ltd.

As in the previous years, Answare Ltd. was a sponsor of the MENTA conference, held between 17-18. September. The conference, besides the introduction of the industry’s newly elected officers, focused on the sector’s strategy, ICT trends and futurology.

After qualifying for the IVSZ (ICT Association of Hungary) Trademark in 2012, this year Answare Ltd. was able to renew the Qualified IT Company title for the second time.

Answare Ltd. was a supporter of this years’s Parliament of the Information Society, held for the fourth time on 26-27th june.

Just as in the last two years Answare Ltd was a supporter of the VinAgora Wine Gala held on the 28th June, 2014. We provided the IT equipment for the gala’s interactive game, „Be a Wine Judge”.

With the help of the subsidy, won with the Family Friendly Workplace 2013 title, we surprised the kids’ of our colleagues for Easter.