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Knowledge-centered approach - Innovative approach

Science and technology, society and business, existing also independently of each other. They are distinct structures, but constantly interact with each other. Their essential foundation of their existence and development is the cooperation and interaction with each other. One of today's key issues is how to integrate and implement also in other sectors the modern IT and ICT solutions more quickly and more effectively. Together with the actors of academic life, using the results of research and development, we are trying to create opportunities that technological innovations in the IT sector can be used as soon as possible into our everyday environment.

ANSWARE Ltd. within the framework of Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme, in the subject of “Prototype, product-, technology- and service development” has won financial support with its project named “ Development of a software and a methodology supporting the introduction and development of ITSM-based operation for organizations operating IT in the SME sector”.

Within the framework of the project, we - as the sub-contractor of SZVT - have prepared a research report to help the liberalisation strategy of the Post. The title of the report was: ,,The  examination of the community engagement potential of the Hungarian Post through management of administrative tasks that are partly or in whole taken over  (in the conventional and in the electronic service space.)"

Answare Ltd. has coordinated the 3-year R&D project, the goal of which was to set the IT and medical basis of a telemedicine service system and produce its operating prototype. The consortium, which was established by well-known information technology and medical experts, has developed methods and solutions that may facilitate the rationalization, differentiability and efficiency improvement of the healthcare system.
In the course of the project the members developed technologies and accumulated expertise which can be utilized in the market as well as in other fields of science not closely related to telemedicine.
The project has started in September 2008 and ended in September 2011.

RFID R&D project

Within the framework of the Ányos Jedlik Program supported by National Innovation Office (NIH), Answare Ltd. in cooperation with the Inter-University Centre for Telecommunications and Informatics (ETIK) and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) was conducting researches in the development of industrial applications of RFID technology.

The main scope of the project was to research the problematic areas of industrial RFID applications and to propese and work out solutions to ones that are the burden of wide scale usage of industrial RFID solutions. It also had the aim to research further development directions of these applications. The research focused on three problematic areas: physical problems of tag identification, security and privacy questions of RFID implementations, possibilities of using mathematical optimization and data-mining techniques in RFID applications.

The project developed numerous results and products of high scientific value and some prototypes directly utilizable on market.