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This Easter our colleagues’ children received surprise packages with the help of the „Family Friendly Workplace 2012” allowance and the easter rabbit.

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We used part of the amount won on the “Supporting development of Family Friendly Workplace” tender for a „Work Life Balance” training that’s goal was to help our colleagues in harmonizing their work and private lives. During the two-days training, the focus was not only at the balance of work and private life, but time management,stress and conflict management were also discussed. It also had a great team building effect.  

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We also managed to set up a play and study room,which is helpful and convinient for our colleagues with family. This room has already been used by many children.

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We were able to realize these accomplishments with the support of Ministry of National Resources and contribution of National Institute of Social and Family Policies

Sponsor: Ministry of National Resources

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Representative of the sponsor: National Institute of Social and Family Policies

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