Expert at Complex IT Solutions

In partnership with SAS Institute we undertake deployment of business intelligence and business intelligence systems based on SAS software. Our experts have a thorough and deep knowledge of the operation and construction of the SAS software environment, so it is a joyful challenge for us in a complex environment. Our competency is required because of the versatility and complexity of SAS systems.

In such a SAS-based project, we are connected to the business thread at several points. During the planning phase, we are translating the business needs into the IT architecture level, which allows us to meet non-functional requirements and help us to integrate to the customer’s existing environment as required. Depending on the amount and accuracy of the information available, we also estimate the sizing. Then the system builds up with deployment. During the task, we take particular care in implementing the connectivity with different IT systems, whether it is technical or data connection. After the implementation, we also monitor the systems we have built up, and, if necessary, further fine tuning, performance analysis and support are provided. Particularly worthy of note is the security area without which there is no IT project today. With our deep technological know-how, we can leverage the capabilities of SAS, and we can extend the security level of the solution by connecting to various other IT security solutions.

Our team also takes part in the installation and support of the AML (Anti Money Laundering) solution developed by Consortix Ltd. on SAS basis at international level.


  • OTP SCREEN and CASIR projects, (H)
  • MKB AML monitoring system, (H)
  • Banque de commerce et de Placements, AML deployment, (CH)
  • St. James' s Place Bank, AML deployment, (GB)
  • IPF DIGITAL, AML deployment, (PL)