Expert at Complex IT Solutions

Our success

It is important for us to let our knowledge and experience be useful and value-creating for others too.
Hand in hand with the participants of the academic life and by using the results of the R&D, we try to create opportunities for the technological novelties created in the IT sector to become part of our daily environment as soon as possible.
Our successes are mostly due to the quick and at times risky adaptation of new technologies and a felxible reception of the changes in the industry.

ORFK (Hungarian National Police Headquarters) – Professional process- and product quality assurance and quality control services

We carried out our tasks under the title "System design and quality assurance and quality control services" within the framework of the project "InNova, KÖFOP-1.0.0 - VEKOP-15-2016-00028".

NISZ (National Infocommunications Service Company)- Expert tasks in auditing services

Expert tasks related to the auditing of services to be introduced under the project "Consolidation of the IT infrastructure of public administration in order to reduce costs" (KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2015-00005).

Hungarian Roads Management Company – Enterprise Architecture (EA) project - consultancy

Hungarian Roads Management Company – Quality assurance

Agriculture and Rural Development Office –Database design, SOA system design

Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities - SZER Information system development, testing, install

Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing - Technical documentation for public procurement process

NAV IT archiving strategy

Magyar Közút - "Easy Way II." 2012 eng

Hungarian Post Office - R & D

National Technology Program - eHEALTH8

Back-up environment consolidation at K&H

IT architecture planning and Quality Assurance at Educatio

Centralisation server rooms by moving at MGSZH

IT audit at MGSZH

Customization and implementation of Service Manager 7.1 HD system at GGB Zrt.

Integrated textil-inventory information system at Kenézy Hospital

Programme Anyos Jedlik - RFID

Sun15K Server upgrade at K&H

HEFOP 4.4 - Inter institutional information system

Storage Consolidation at GKM

Online disaster recovery system at GIRO

eH8 - Successes

Centralisation server rooms by moving at MGSZH